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Gina Mendez

Gina Mendez is a first generation Chicana. Her family moved in 2004 from San Jose, California to Arizona to find work. In 2006, Gina was part of Arizona’s first student walkouts at Cesar Chavez High School, joining students across the country to protest the discriminatory anti-immigration bill, HR4437. This was her introduction to movement work.

Her organizing journey began when she volunteered for economic justice for the Fight for 15 campaign. Since 2016, she has led Civic Engagement and Youth organizers at ACE & LUCHA. She is currently the statewide Field Director with the VOTEria AZ Campaign. Oppression is real and so is the fight within our communities. Our people are resilient, and so are our ancestors, Gina’s work is about survival and the fight for liberation for our people to exist.

Contributions from Gina Mendez