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Convergence Magazine is an independent journal of organizing, dedicated to bringing our movements together to strategize and win multi-racial democracy in the United States.

Support from readers and movement partners is vital to our work, and we’re grateful for your partnership. You can support our work with a monthly or annual subscription, or you may choose to support us with a one-time donation.

Convergence Magazine is a fiscally sponsored project of the Commonwealth Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 registered non-profit. Donations to Convergence Magazine are tax-deductible.

Contribute by Check

If you would prefer to send your contribution by check, please make the check out to Convergence Magazine and mail the check to us at 490 Lake Park Ave. #10062, Oakland, CA 94610.

Donor-Advised Funds, Wire Transfers, Employee Matches

If you wish to make your contribution through a donor-advised fund, make a direct wire transfer, or use an employee match program through your employer, please send an email to Cayden Mak, Publisher for details.

Donor Policies

Convergence Magazine receives financial support from individual subscribers, as well as philanthropic entities, including foundations and donor-advised funds. Editorial decisions are made independently of our funders’ interests and preferences, and giving money to Convergence does not afford special access to our Editorial Board or production staff.

We are grateful that so many readers like you wish to see our work and vision offered to everyone for free.

In limited circumstances, Convergence Magazine offers paid services to vetted movement partners to produce multimedia content. These collaborative projects are clearly delineated and roles established in advance, and collaboration on a contract project does not confer other editorial rights to the partner organization outside of the specific project’s contract parameters.

Financial support of Convergence Magazine, whether as a donor, subscriber, or on a contract basis, does not confer the right to assign, review, or edit articles or other content we publish as part of our core offerings. The Convergence Magazine Editorial Board is solely responsible for the editorial content of Convergence Magazine’s website, and podcast hosts are jointly responsible for the editorial content of their respective shows.

As a journal of social movement practice, we are dedicated to advancing social justice and a more democratic society and economy through strategic deliberation, rigorous analysis, and constructive critique. We endeavor to hold principled disagreement to help synthesize tension in our movements that yields better strategy, more effective tactics, and stronger bonds of trust. Questions about these policies and commitments can be directed to Cayden Mak, Publisher.