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Black Work Talk



Black Work Talk is an Organizing Upgrade podcast created by host Steven Pitts where we will take a look at efforts to build the collective power of Black workers. We will talk with union and worker center leaders, organizers, rank-and-file worker activists, and advocates about their fight against the intertwined evils of racism and capitalism. We’ll bring fresh visions of a world free of exploitation, and reveal the strategies and tactics that can get us there.

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Steven Pitts is a retired professor and organizer. He taught at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. While there, he produced several reports on Black workers and job quality; launched a Black union leadership school; and co-founded the National Black Worker Center. Prior to coming to the Labor Center, Steven taught economics for 15 years at the Houston Community College and worked in a machine shop in Houston, where he was active in the United Steelworkers of America local trying to build a stronger and more democratic union.