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Block and Build Against MAGA is the Priority

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Hegemonicon - An Investigation Into the Workings of Power
Hegemonicon - An Investigation Into the Workings of Power
Block and Build Against MAGA is the Priority

This is the first episode in our sequence that will look at “What We Are Building”β€”the organizations, networks and ideas that have the most currency on the Left in late 2023.

Despite his several criminal indictments, Donald Trump still leads the pack of contenders for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, and the Christian-nationalist MAGA movement dominates the party. Leftists in the anti-MAGA front well understand that Trump and this movement stand to be much more dangerous if they claim power in 2025. MAGA in power will not be enlivening or emboldening to the Left, nor will it advantage the Left vis-a-vis liberal and centrist Democrats. Rather, the Left and various oppressed groups will be targeted by state repression, and the cultural climate will likely grow more reactionary.

Max Elbaum is a member of the Convergence Magazine editorial board and co-editor of the book Power Concedes Nothing: How Grassroots Organizing Wins Elections (published by Convergence). He joins William in this episode to lay out the importance of a “block and build” strategy against the MAGA Right. They also discuss the need for the anti-MAGA Left to thoughtfully consider and strategically organize around the Biden administration’s support for the Israeli government’s unmitigated violence against Palestinians in Gaza.

For more from Max and tools for organizing against MAGA, we invite you to read and use the following resources:

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