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Erica Iheme: ‘We Organize From Our Soul’

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Black Work Talk
Black Work Talk
Erica Iheme: 'We Organize From Our Soul'

Burnout nearly took Erica Iheme out of the labor movement twice. “Our organizing culture excludes the most impacted,” Iheme said on the July 7 episode of Black Work Talk. In her work with Jobs To Move America, she’s about changing that to allow people to bring their full selves to the work—and practice an organizing model that brings community partners to the table instead of just going to them with “asks.” She’s based in Alabama, and put that model to the test in building community support for the workers organizing at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer. The faith/labor/community blitz she helped organize gave hundreds of local people an in-depth understanding of why the union drive was important. “It was part of a 10 – 15-year campaign to make union organizing commonplace and successful across the South,” she told BWT co-hosts Steven Pitts and Sheri Davis.

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