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The Case for a Black Workers’ Bill of Rights, with Tanya Wallace Gobern

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Black Work Talk
Black Work Talk
The Case for a Black Workers' Bill of Rights, with Tanya Wallace Gobern

Within this moment of labor upsurge, the National Black Worker Center (NBWC) exists to build the collective leadership of Black workers. NBWC is “a Black worker power building and worker’s rights advocacy organization that leads with militant joyfulness and Black movement culture.” In addition to the national center, 11 local centers operate around the country, and nine more are in incubation. The centers offer leadership development and political education, as well as tools and safe spaces to help navigate the challenges of “working while Black.”

NBWC Executive Director Tanya Wallace Gobern joins host Jamala Rogers for this episode to talk about the Center’s programs, the unique role it fills, and how workers can access its resources. They also discuss the organization’s Black Workers’ Bill of Rights – a simple set of 10 demands for laws to protect Black workers and serve the fight for an anti-racist economy.

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