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Greatest Hits and Editors’ Picks: Convergence Takes a Quick Look Back

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Our 2023 articles, podcasts and videos highlight strategies and victories, challenges and hope that emerged during the year.

In the final days of 2023, we’re looking back at our offerings for the year. They reflect months of movement groups assessing, convening, strategizing and planning. We take account of the looming MAGA threat, but see signs of hope all over. Voters pushed back the radical right. Determined organizing that brought progressives into elected office yielded real gains. Workers seized the power they wield by striking, and made common cause with communities. Even in the devastation of the war on Gaza, we can take heart from the broad and unrelenting resistance. To meet the challenges of 2024, we will need all the lessons, hope and solidarity we can draw on. At Convergence, we will do our best to bring it.

Greatest hits: the year’s five most-read stories

Editors’ picks: some gems you might have missed

Podcast standouts: picks from our three 2023 shows

  • From Indebted, Prison is a Debt Trap: Dr. Richelle Brooks on Carceral Debt. A bad interaction with police on someone’s worst day can spiral into years of debt. Dr. Brooks, a carceral debt organizer with Debt Collective, joins host Maurice BP-Weeks to talk about how that happens—and the particular ways it affects the lives of Black people and other people of color.
  • From Hegemonicon, Momentum in the Labor Movement, with Alex Han. In this episode, host William Lawrence begins to look at what the Left is building to contest—and replace—the vision offered by the MAGA Right. He sits down with longtime labor organizer Alex Han (now executive director of In These Times) to assess the resurgence of labor, and the difficulties of building an intersectional and internationalist labor movement.
  • From Black Work Talk, Season 3, Where the Writers Guild of America Goes Next to Support Marginalized Workers, with Angela Harvey and Tawal Panyacosit Jr. Black Work Talk returns for Season 3 with new co-hosts, Jamala Rogers and Bianca Cunningham. In this episode, Bianca talks with the WGA activists about what the union won from the second-longest strike in Hollywood history, and how the unions can continue to press for greater diversity in the industry.

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