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a photo of Alex Caputo Pearl smiling at the camera

Alex Caputo-Pearl

Alex Caputo-Pearl is UTLA NEA Vice President.  He was UTLA President from 2014 – 2020.  He is on the steering committee of the NEA Strategic Campaign Institute for Community Schools and is a former member of the AFT Executive Council.  Alex taught for 22 years in South LA, mostly at Crenshaw High School, and is one of the founders of Coalition for Educational Justice – LA.  He received training in organizing through organizations in the Central American solidarity movement and South Africa divestment movement, and through the Labor/Community Strategy Center, the Bus Riders Union, and the Progressive Educators for Action (PEAC) and Union Power caucuses.  Alex received training in Community Schools through the University of Southern California and the Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation in work on the Extended Learning Cultural Model at Crenshaw High School.  

Contributions from Alex Caputo-Pearl